International Women's Day Monday 8th March  #IWD2021



No matter the issue, women and young people are working to achieve the same goal: to improve their lives, those of their families and the lives of people in their communities.


Our vision for 2030 is that women and young people everywhere can amplify their voices and take action to achieve the fullest potential in a just and sustainable world that works for them.


For most, instead of being listened to and supported to drive their own change, women and young people are often ignored and overlooked.

Our mission is to change that by supporting women and young people to take charge. No choices should be made for them and about them, without them!

Our partners work with women and young people to identify problems and work on local solutions in their communities.

It should not stop there.

As and where our partners can- at household, community or district level, they support women and young people to advocate for long-lasting change that means something to them.

Only this way can we as a collective get to the root causes of issues, like unemployment and climate change.

The road map for how we will achieve our vision and mission will be outlined in our 2022-24 Amplify Strategy and Action Plan – Coming in July 2021!


We recognise that change only happens when individuals not only deliver work in their communities, but also are able influence and inform society.


Whether responding to poor nutrition amongst mothers and children under five years or inadequate schooling opportunities for those who cannot afford to access basic primary education; real change happens when communities' own experiences are translated into influence and control.

We AMPLIFY local ideas, and communities ACT to deliver them, and together real change happens!

We actively seek opportunities to amplify the actions taken by our partners through the provision of funding for interventions they want to deliver to improve their own communities.

We support our partners to increase their technical capacities and capabilities to create change from within their own communities.

Everything we do, we do together.

We are led by the knowledge of the communities we work in, we learn from the people we work with, and we listen to the people we work for.

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