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GHANA: Our Partners

Advocacy for Social Inclusion and Girls Education (ASIGE)

Advocacy for Social Inclusion and Girls Education (ASIGE) was founded by Dorcas Apoore in 2013 and is based in the north eastern region of Ghana, in Bolgatanga.


ASIGE has a mission is to improve quality of lives through sustainable skills development and financial diversification.


Dorcas founded ASIGE as a girls club when she completed her senior high school. In her district, Bongo, the female graduation rate was, and unfortunately remains very low, which can be associated with teenage pregnancy. Since founding the ASIGE, the organisation has grown from strength to strength thanks to Dorcas and her small team's commitment to ensuring equal rights and opportunity for women and girls.

Alongside working with schools to ensure access to sexual and reproductive health and rights knowledge for young girls, which supports them to stay in and complete school, ASIGE is known for it's strategic basket weaving programme.


ASIGE's Basket Weaving Programme sustainably supports over 400 rural women to earn an income; an income that they have been denied due to their rural location and socio-cultural barriers that restrict them the opportunity to become economically empowered. Besides the technical capacity of basket weaving, women are trained in business support programs such as savings, customer care, market access information and record keeping.

You can find out more about ASIGE here.

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Pictured: Dorcas (middle), and basket weaving training (left and right)

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