Celebrating International Women's Day - Sunday 8th March  #IWD2020


We at Amplify envision a world in which all women live in peace and with dignity, where equality and respect for women's rights is truly universal. Our values are rooted in the understanding of the key role played by women in communities and global society, in addition to their simultaneous devalued position across the world. We at Amplify aim to rectify this contradiction. 


Our mission is to maximise the prioritisation of locally determined solutions in order to ensure that the oppressed in society individually play a part in their own liberation from the social conditions that maintain the existence of poverty in communities. 


We therefore aim to unlock, amplify and promote opportunities, supporting community led initiatives with our global partners to achieve local changes in educational provision, increased welfare of the poorest, and increased community involvement in economic and social change locally.


Through this, it is also ensured that women and girls are supported to achieve equity in outcomes of opportunities so they can reach their full potential.



We recognise that change only happens when individuals not only deliver work in their communities, but also are able influence and inform society.


Whether responding to poor nutrition amongst mothers and children under five years, or inadequate schooling opportunities for those who cannot afford to eat at school, real change happens when communities' own experiences are translated into influence and control.

We therefore AMPLIFY local ideas, and they ACT to deliver them, and together real change happens!

We actively seek opportunities to amplify the actions taken by our partners through the provision of funding for interventions they want to deliver to improve their own communities.

We support our partners in any way necessary to increase their technical capacities and capabilities to create change from within their own communities.

Everything we do, we do together.

We are led by the knowledge of the communities we work in, we learn from the people we work with, and we listen to the people we work for.


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