We work with delivery partners made up of teams of local people in both Malawi and Ghana. Our partners are registered CSO's or NGO's in the countries in which they operate.


Our partners are best placed to appreciate the barriers and challenges faced by local communities. 

We support our partners to AMPLIFY local ideas, their local communities ACT to deliver them, and together real change happens!


To find out more about our partners in Malawi, click here.

To find out more about our partners in Ghana, click here



No matter the issue, women and young people are working to achieve the same goal: to improve their lives and the lives of people in their families and communities.


For most women and young people, instead of being listened to and supported to drive their own change, they are often ignored and overlooked.

We support projects that are designed by local expertise, implemented by local communities, and are for the benefit of local people, under the following areas:


Equitable access to Education and Knowledge

Improved Welfare and Recognition

Economic and Social Agency and Empowerment

Our work supports the following SDGs:

Amplify Action

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