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MALAWI: Our Partners

Centre for Community Education and Social Development- CECESD 

Centre for Community Education and Social Development (CECESD) strives to promote community engagement in all public education initiatives for sustainable community development. CECESD does this by increasing awareness within the communities that it works with, alongside capacity-building in partnership with schools to holistically tackle social issues and ensure access to quality education, particularly for those hardest to reach.


CECESD works to ensure that marginalised members of society (including young children, youth, girls and people with disabilities) are accorded their fundamental rights and equitable access to nutrition, education, healthcare, agricultural and developmental services through increased capacity building, social mobilisation and economic empowerment.  

CECESD are based in Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi and are currently operating in Chiseka and Kaudula districts.​

Find out more about CECESD here.









Chembe Beach Art Gallery School - CBAGS

Chembe Beach Art Gallery School's (CBAGS) mission is to provide children and young people access to quality free and creative education, regardless of their socio-economic background.

​Based in Cape Maclear, Mangochi in southern Malawi, Chembe Beach Art Gallery School (CBAGS) is a community run and locally-led primary school in Chembe Village. The school has been running since 2012 and is currently hosting, on average 180 boys and girls between the ages of 5-16 years old.

The Beach Art Gallery School was founded by David Chigalu, a Malawian from Cape Maclear. David wanted to bring children back into the classroom.


He explains,

"Too many children and young people were hanging out at the beach with tourists instead of attending school. Many want attend school, but their families could not afford the costs of sending them."

Find out more about The Beach Art Gallery School here.

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Pictured: CECESD working with local primary schools in early 2021 to equip them with the resources and capacity to ensure children return to school post Covid-19.

Beach Art Gallery School.PNG

Pictured: Chembe Beach Art Gallery School Craft and Cultural class (right) and some of their youngest  attendees (left)

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