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Centre for Community Education and Social Development- CECESD

Centre for Community Education and Social Development (CECESD) strives to promote community engagement in all public education initiatives for sustainable community development.

CECESD was founded in 2019 by five community activists after identifying the major challenges affecting children, girls and the general community, and is now working across Chiseka and Kabudula in Lilongwe district to achieve these highlighted aims.

Meet the Team...

Francis Malazie- Executive Director

James Manda- Programmes Manager

Maggie Chikaponda- Administrator

George Sambani- Field Officer

Regina Chidualuka- Financial Assistant

CECESD works to ensure that marginalised members of society (including young children, youth, girls and the general community) are accorded their fundamental rights and equitable access to nutrition, education, healthcare, agricultural and developmental services through increased capacity building, social mobilisation and economic empowerment.

CECESD has established community structures of women groups, local leaders and church leaders, which help the organisation to plan and implement community activities. CECESD is in partnership with several organisations in Malawi which share common goals. CECESD is also a member of multiple education and health related networks.

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