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Beach Art Gallery School- Cape Maclear, Malawi

Unfortunately, schooling in Malawi requires families to pay for instruction, uniforms, and classroom materials. These costs prevent many of the poorest children from obtaining basic education.

Beach Art Gallery School believes that educating Malawi's young girls and boys, is the key to the survival and sustainability of its people- education allows young children to learn about maintaining healthy lifestyle choices and prepares them to be competitive in employment opportunities in our country.

At Beach Art Gallery School, children receive a standardized education, including life skills, music and video production, mathematics, English, Chichewa, agriculture, art, and sports. Classes and curricula are limited to the capacity of current volunteer teachers.

Beyond the basics of classroom education, we strive to educate our children about their health, focusing primarily on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) and nutrition.

We believe in giving children and adolescents a well-rounded education that can enhance their lives both in and out of the classroom.

The children attend free of charge, thanks to the support of volunteer teachers and local community, and several generous sponsors and donors.

Art pieces that are produced are exhibited and sold around Southern Malawi, with 100% of the profits are reinvested back into the school and development of the village community.

Visit the Beach Art Gallery School's wordpress website here.

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